Portable magnetic loop for counter

The LA-90 portable magnetic loop is intended for people with hearing impairments. This device adapts very well in the places receiving the public, that is, wherever the word is decisive.

The commissioning is simple and fast, simply connect the system to the sector and place it between you and the appraised person who has settled his prostheses to the "T" or "MT" position.

For unpaid people, it is possible to use the STEthoscopic LPU-1 receiver.

The capture of the voice can be carried out in two ways, either by the use of the built-in microphone or by the connection to the jack 3.5 mm of an ideal external microphone when the environment is noisy.

The sensitivity of the outer microphone can be adjusted by a potentiometer.

A 3.5 mm Jack headphone jack allows the connection of an audio headset.

For fixed use, the device can be screwed on the counter, on the wall or padded by a KensingTont lock anti-theft.

Compatible: - Hearing aids - Cochlear implants - Induction receivers

Suitable for places receiving the public (counter, point of sale, home, cabinet ...)

Easy to use

Customizable insert

Complies with EN 60118-4


Provided accessoriesBattery - power supply - 3 inserts (blue, bordeau, yelow) - 4 crossed ear stickers - 1 template
Autonomy6 h on battery
Control3 position : internal mic / external mic / both mic
Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm)185 x 200 x 70
Input OutputJack 3.5mm MIC input with adjustable level; Jack 3.5mm headphones output with adjustable level
Integreted microphoneSPL max 60 dB
Magnetic field distance1 m
Power supply100 - 240 VAC 50 - 60 Hz / 16 V DC ou sur batterie intégré 12 V
Weight635 g (with battery)
Certification ce - Majorcom
Certification rohs - Majorcom
Certification bureau veritas - Majorcom
Certification iso - Majorcom
Certification dante - Majorcom
Certification EN54 - Majorcom

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