Infra Red transmiter 2 channel with integrated modulator

ref. PRO IR-400
  •  wilde infrared angle
  • Suitable for 1 stéréo transmition or 2x mono
  • Modularity : Several PRO IR-400 can be chained to increase the coverage surface
  • Each PRO IR-400 has its own power supply
  • For a static system (ceiling mount or wall) or portable (with telescopic tripod)

The infrared transmitter with integrated modulator has a wilde angle in lobed shape.
It ensures insensitive to extraneous light operation with frequency modulation infrared signals on 2.3 and 2.8 MHz.
The PRO IR-400 allows transmission coverage of 2600 m² in single-channel mode, which makes it suitable for larger rooms.
Coupling several PRO IR-400 can increase or multiply significantly the coverage surface. Not to mention that the choice of the type of receptor (CASQUE IR IP112, RCI-102, PR22+, PR20+) also influences the covered area.
Fixing the PRO IR-400 is possible on a wall, ceiling or on a stand with 1/4 inch screw for a mobile application.

Provided accessories
  • Power supply
  • Wall and ceiling bracket
Bandwidth 80 to 15 000 Hz
Colour Noir
Coverage up to 2600m² in mono channel mode
Dimensions (W x D x H) 540 x 286 x 159 mm
Input 2 audio line inputs (R and L), 2 mic inputs (L and R), 2 RCA synchronisation input (L and R)
Modulation 2,3 MHz, 2,8 MHz
Output 2 RCA synchronisation output (L and R)
Power supply 230 V AC 50 Hz, 35 VA
THD < 2 %
Weight 1100 g
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