Induction loop system with low-overspill up to 300m²

  • The PROLOOP LOS is an induction loop amplifier for the operation of low-overspill systems and it includes the complete range of electronics required in a single enclosure.
  • Suitable for theater, meeting room where several loops have to be put side by side without crosstalk.
  • Various audio inputs (XLR-3 / Jack 6,35 mm / RCA) allow sound equipment connectivity without external adaptation.
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) maintains a constant magnetic field that produce stable sound with outstanding speech reproduction.
  • Monitor output allows ,among other, to chained the amplifier to an other loop amplifier
  • Uniform coverageof magnetic field
  • No signal fluctuations when hearing-aid user moves his/her head
  • Reduced sensitivity of magnetic field present on the room
  • High efficiency, low power consumption
  • Well suited for existing facilities, such as theaters, cinema, concert hall, meeting room or schools and homes (during a renovation of the floor)
AGC Sets the voltage and current for continuous signals such as oscillation and sinus curves to -10 dB after 0.6-1 seconds.
Bandwidth 100-5000 Hz ( ± 3 dB)
Connector Screw terminal
Control Master loop current; slave loop current, IN1 & IN2 level and each headphone output
Coverage 300 m² compliant CEI 60118-4
Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm) 438 x 90 x 280 mm · 19“ 2U
Display Mains connection: (green LED) Input level (1 green LED) Induction loop current (2 green LED)
Distortion < 1 %
Dynamic > 70 dB
Fall time 0,5 à 20 dB/s
Input IN 1 : Combo XLR3/Jack 6.35 mm Sensibilty MIC 2,5 mV to 10 V / 10 kΩ Sensibilty MIC 37 mV à 10 V / 10 kΩ with phantom power - IN 2, IN 3 : double RCA 45 mV – 10 VRMS / 10 kΩ
Max. current 60 A peak to peak 1-5 ms, 4 A RMS @ 1 kHz
Max. voltage 47 V peak to peak
Output Master : 0 dBm, RCA connector - Slave : 0 dBm, RCA connector - 2 x headphone Jack 6,35 mm output
Power supply 230-240 VAC 50 Hz, 25-700 W
Rise time 2 à 500 ms
Weight (Kg) 9,3 kg
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