INTER-M : 5-zone selective call Mic station for PAM 340A/480A/510/520

ref. RM-05A

• Station fitted with a high-qual­ity electret micro­phone equipped with a level adjust­ment and a LEC volume unit metre.
• Comes with a 2m cable (7 pairs + display) SubD15 connector.
• Only for PAM-340A, 480A, 510 and 520.

Accessories (Provided) Cord SUB-D15
Bandwidth (Hz) 100 - 16000
Connexion SUB-D15
Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm) 195 x 60 x 205
Gose neck lenght (mm) 400
Microphone Unidirectionnel electret
Speech indicator Bar graph
Weight (Kg) 1,2
Zone 5
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