ref. RM-6800
  • System MODE setting
    You can set the operating mode (RM-6024, NRM-8000, RM-6016 Mode) of the RM-6800.
    This function is available for NPX systems, 6000 systems.
  • Gooseneck Microphone
    You can use the gooseneck microphone to broadcast paging in each area.
  • 0 ~ 9 Key, All, Talk, Chime buttons
    Use the 0 ~ 9 Keys and All buttons to select the broadcasting area with a simple operation and set the operation mode of the talk button and the Chime button.
  • 2.43 inch OLED DISPLAY
    Display allows you to view and set the status of your equipment.
  • Output Level Meter
    The level meter allows you to check the output level.
  • Monitor speaker
    You can check the current output in real time through the monitor speaker.
  • Input / output control volume
    MIC input You can adjust GAIN and monitor speaker output, Chime, Aux volume.
  • DC 24V power input
    There is a DC 24V power input terminal, so you can input power using the adapter.
    * When NPX-8000 is connected to Com1 terminal, DC 40V power is supplied to Com1 terminal.
    (Please connect the adapter when using this equipment in NRM-8000A mode at a distance of 300m or more.)
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