GPRS or 4G / LTE MODEM, WiFi, 6 inputs / 4 outputs dry contact

ref. SMS-112

• 6 digital inputs (dry contact)
• 4 Analog inputs, 4/20 mA, 0/10 V, NTC
• 4 dry contact relay outputs
• 12-24 V DC or 230 V AC power supply (optional)
• Integrated backup battery (1 hour max)
• Web server embedded on 32GB SD card
• Up to 300 Rules can be triggered (one trigger + 5 conditions + 5 actions)
• Up to 100 predefined users
• Requires MICRO SIM card (3FF) for SMS

SMS & Email alert sending up to 100 users

The SMS-112 supports the following features:

• Alarms to SMS, Mail
• Remote controls by SMS, Mail, Vocal, DTMF
• Detection and alert in case of loss of power
• Remote I / O copy (GSM or WiFi)
• Secure caller management
• Automatic recording of all events
• Management of calendars and time programs
• Secure Web access on tablet or mobile phone ...

There are many possibilities for implementing the SMS-112:
> In WiFi using an internet browser
> In wired via a Serial / USB cable and software
> Web administration portal (using a browser)
> Otherwise by Mail, SMS or Chat TELEGRAM


Provided accessories

USB programming cable included

Standard magnetic antenna included

Backup battery included

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