ref. NLA-5

The NLA-5 is a 2-way dual 5-inch speaker system capable of delivering high power quality sound. The NLA-5 employs high-performance neodymium drivers for superior fidelity and coverage. The NLA-5 is suitable for small to medium sound reinforcement applications. Superb in live sound reinforcement or installed situations. Designed for use in theaters, houses of worship and performing arts centers, the system provides audio professionals with a lightweight, high output array that offers exceptional audio fidelity, excellent directivity and frequency response.
The passive cabinet design is ideal for applications requiring both quality sound at an economical price. Only one 2-channel amplifier can drive up to 8 cabinets.


• Small to Medium size venues
• Schools gymnasiums,
• Theaters,
• Houses of worship
• Performing arts centers
• Stadium
• Indoor Stadium or Arenas


• 2WAY Passive configuration
• 2 x 5" durable low frequency drivers
• 1 x 1" low distortion Titanium HF compression drivers
• 90 degree forward-oriented Horn
• 3 vertical beam angle adjustment (0, 5 and 10 degrees)
• Up to 8 cabinet rigging (5: 1 safety factor)

The NLA-5 compact design is ideal for small rooms or venues requiring the features of a high quality line array speaker
system. Each cabinets features two high-performance front mounted 5-inch low frequency drivers. The LF drivers are
mounted in separate vented chambers enhancing the low frequencies generated by the woofers. The LF drivers have
a 93dB 1w/1m sensitivity and a power handling capacity of 150W, delivering a linear and solid bass reproduction.
The 1" high output titanium voice coil compression HF tweeter driver have a power capacity of 30W and is mounted to
a dedicated wave-guide reproducing a flat distortion free high frequency response with a uniform wave front, delivering
vocal clarity and high definition sound with incredible dynamics.
Up to eight (8) line array speakers can be simultaneously connected per frame. The integrated rigging system allows
quick and easy flying or ground stacking. Arrays may be built straight or curved in various angular to obtain the desired
vertical coverage. 0 degrees, 5 degrees, and 10 degrees vertical directivity angle adjustments settings are available to
curve the line array according to the installation environment.
The NLA-5 are equipped with 2 parallel NL4 connectors for easy looping of the cabinet’s audio signal. One 2-channel
amplifier can drive up to 8 cabinets (4 cabinets per channel).
For applications where extended low frequency is required, the NLA-5 can be coupled with the matching NLA-15S
subwoofer. The NLA-15S Subwoofer incorporates a single 15 inch front loaded woofer in a vented cabinet with a
matching footprint to the NLA-5.


Bandwidth (Hz) 102 Hz~ 18 kHz ( ±3dB) - 74 Hz~18kHz Frequency Range (-10dB)
Connector 2 x NL4 SPEAKON
Dimensions (W x H x D) 477x181x308mm
Directivity @ 1 KHz Horizontal 90°
Impedance 16ohms
Material Cedar Plywood
Power 150W
Sensibility 93dB
Speaker LF.2 x 130mm(5") Woofer HF.25mm(1") Tweeter
SPL Max 121dB
Type Compact Linearray Module, 2x5” 2way fullrange
Weight 13kg
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