Micro Call Station for VA & PA EN54-16 certified

The RM-VA1000 call station is intended for use with EVAMATRIX VA or PA sound systems. It can be configured in security mode (VA) via the supplied kit (sticker and rear cable protection cover) or in public address mode (PA). It is easy to install and simple to use with its LCD screen that provides clear feedback on the configuration of a call.
The RM-VA 1000 only requires a connection to an IPnetwork with a power supply via Ethernet 24VDC from EAE for use in or a simple 230VAC/24VDC adapter supplied for use in comfort mode. In VA mode, the call station is fully supervised and can launch an emergency call, ALARM, ALERT. The LCD screen gives the operator optimal control and permanent feedback.

• The RM-VA1000 call station can be configured for VA or PA.
• Connection to the IP network via a shielded Cat5e cable
• The 2.3“ LCD display (with function menu navigation key) provides instructions and comments during the emergency call process, pre-recorded messages (ALARM/ALERT).
• Built-in monitor speaker with volume control.
• Local audio line input (mono) for connecting an external audio source in comfort mode only. The audio channel is available on the network and can be assigned to any speaker zone.
• Up to 128 microphone consoles can be connected to the EVAMATRIX system, of which up to 4 are VA consoles.
• The call station is fully compliant with EN54-16 standards for evacuation applications.
• All critical alarm functions are accessible according to access levels. The 2.3“ display provides information on the system status.
• Control of all critical functions; signal and audio assignment is controlled, as well as communication with the network.
• The EVAMATRIX system integrates the SNMP V2c protocol (Simple Network Management Protocol) which allows a management and monitoring software to report any type of fault and status of the sound equipment.
• The EVAMATRIX system integrates seamless security (HTTPS, TLS1.2, SHA256, SSL, AES256 encryption and elliptic curve cryptography).


Power supply24VDC
ConsumptionMax. 10W
Frequency response100Hz - 18kHz à -3dB @ 1kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio> 65dB
Harmonic distortion rate (THD)< 0,1 %
AUX input sensitivity-50dBV
Output sensitivity0dBV
Signal-to-noise ratio (< 20 kHz LPF, A-WT.)70dB or more
T.H.D (< 22 kHz LPF)0,1 % or less
Frequency response 100Hz ~ 18kHz Input: -50 dBV, 1kHz based)0dB ± 3dB
AUX input sensitivity-10dBV
Output sensitivity0dBV
Signal-to-noise ratio (< 20 kHz LPF, A-WT.)80 dB or more
T.H.D (< 22 kHz LPF)0,1 % or less
Frequency response 100Hz ~ 18kHz Input: -10 dBV, 1kHz based)0dB ± 3dB
Ethernet (LAN)RJ45, TCP/IP protocol 100/1000 Base-T
LAN ExtensionOutput to EVAMATRIX on RJ45 (Dante®) - Input from EVAMATRIX on RJ45 (Dante®) CAT5 cable Maximum distance: 100m
MTTF availabilityAverage failure time greater than 100,000 hours
MTTR availabilityAverage repair time less than 20 minutes
AES/EAE emergency power input24VDC
OLED screen2,42“
Operating temperature-10°C ~ +40°C - Humidity: 5 ~ 95%
Dimensions (WxHxD)200 x 73 x 206 mm
AccessoriesAC power cord, Adapter, Gooseneck microphone, Euroblock termina
Protocol and encryptionTCP/IP, Http, Https, SNMP V2c, IPv4, TLS1.2, SHA256, SSL, AES-256, Elliptic curve cryptography


Certification ce - Majorcom
Certification rohs - Majorcom
Certification bureau veritas - Majorcom
Certification iso - Majorcom
Certification dante - Majorcom
Certification EN54 - Majorcom

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