End of line element EN54-16 certified

This module is a reliable solution for checking the integrity of the loudspeaker line, which is mandatory for VA sound systems.
The EOL-20 is connected at the end of the line after the last speaker.
It communicates with the DPN amplifier channel that drives the speaker line to confirm the integrity of the speaker line.
Where impedance measurements may not detect a disconnected loudspeaker (depending on the number of loudspeakers and the type of cable), the EOL-20 provides a highly reliable solution to always report the correct status of the loudspeaker lines.
The EOL-20 housing is IP30 and fits most cable junction boxes.

• The operation is based on the detection of the amplifier’s pilot signal with feedback to the amplifier via the same speaker line.
• No additional wiring is required for fault or status reporting.
• The end of line element must be connected at the end of the line and on each speaker line.
• The two wires have no polarity and can be connected in either direction.
• The A/B outputs of a DPN amplifier channel are individually supervised with separate end-of-line units.
• The switch allows a more accurate measurement of the loudspeaker line depending on its load:
- HIGH: speaker line load
- LOW: not used with EVAMATRIX
• To reduce power consumption, the DPN amplifier channels use pilot signal modulation.
• The audibility of the pilot signal is practically zero due to the low amplitude of the pilot signal (20 kHz frequency) which is far beyond the range of humanhearing, even in young children.


Operating temperatures-10°C ~ +40°C - Humidity : 5 ~ 95%
LOW positionSpeaker line load less than or equal to 150 W
HIGH positionLoudspeaker line load greater than 150W
Dimensions (WxHxD)100 x 35 x 30mm


Certification ce - Majorcom
Certification rohs - Majorcom
Certification bureau veritas - Majorcom
Certification iso - Majorcom
Certification dante - Majorcom
Certification EN54 - Majorcom

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